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May. 15th, 2006 02:06 pm my fic

Title: blind to your emotions
chapters: 1,2/?
Email: lisa_marsh1984@hotmail.com
Rating: nc-17 ish
Pairings : obviously mckay/beckett mckay/carter
Beta: aleana15
Disclaimer: Don’t own them. Make no money.
Spoilers: rising pt1,duet, grace under pressure, trinity (mention of), the lost boys, 

Chapter 1
Rodney reminisced about the past, it had been a while since he was present at the SGC, and the thought of the wondrous Samantha Carter radiated through his body.

- Flashback-

"Ya' know McKay with all your moaning, and your sarcastic arrogance, it's quite a turn on!"
Rodney stared at Sam in disbelief. "Excuse me?"
"Come on McKay, ya' know what I’m saying, the comments, the glances, you want me ... badly!"
"Carter... you’re talking... yes alright so I find you attractive and damn hot when you hurl abuse at me, so what?"
"Well you know where my quarters are, join me."
Sam turned on her heels in the other direction, Rodney stood in silence at the proposition, he gulped and slowly made his way to Sam’s quarters. He closed and locked the door behind him.
They knew it was a one off - how could they call this a relationship? Rodney McKay was being shipped off to Russia for his attitude and behaviour towards Samantha yet here he was undressing her like a doll. She lay on the bed and Rodney continued to caress her body.

- End of flashback-

Rodney could hear a coughing from the front of the van.
"Dr. McKay!" a stern voice echoed.
"Yes, Mr. Davies, sorry, what did you say?”
"We're approaching Cheyenne Mountain."
Three years! 3 years he had been away from the place yet he still couldn’t think about anything else but her. Had she moved on, had she not wanted anyone else and how could he explain his orientation had diversified? He rethought his words "Orientation has diversified"
"I'm screwed,” he whispered.
The entrance ebbed closer; his mind had completely shut down and he found himself aimlessly walking the corridor to the General’s office, now occupied by General O'Neill.
"Great, I can't piss him off anymore," Rodney chuckled until his next thought Lt. General Samantha Carter. "My god I’m utterly screwed."
He stood by Jack’s door, while the General was still on the phone and was summoned in moments later. "Well look whose back, how are the Russians these days?"
"Behaving." Rodney couldn't think of a wittier reply.
 "You do know about the Antarctica mission I presume?"
"Yes I do”
"I want you to go out there and help. Seeing as Carter can't go you’re the next best thing."
Rodney questioned, "And may I ask why Carter can't go?"
"She's engaged."
Rodney forced his face to stay emotionless. "Good for her, be glad to take the mission. When do I leave?"
"Right away. Grab some food first, then report to Elizabeth Weir when you arrive; she'll be expecting you."

Rodney was unsure whether to salute or not so he just nodded and walked out. On the way to the mess he caught a glimpse of Samantha working at her desk. He continued forward and then halted. He thought things through and decided to go back and talk to her.
"Hello Sam."
Sam glanced up and froze. "...McKay? I didn't know you were back." She managed eventually.
"Quick pit stop before Antarctica, gotta help them due to you being otherwise engaged!"
Sam searched Rodney’s body and then met his eyes; they glared back blankly.
"Rodney I can explain... Pete and I are, well we're engaged. Rodney I didn't forget you, what Pete and I have is different to us."
" In that he is around and I’m not!"
"Rodney that’s not fair. It was one night, you moved on as well; what was HIS name again?"
"That’s irrelevant. A few dates, a few kisses here and there, no thought of engagement."
"Come on Sam, why change to McKay? You were going so well. Doesn't matter now. Hopefully things will go well for you, and I hope I don’t hear from you; a pain I wouldn't like to endure. Excuse me I need coffee about now."
"Very well. Goodbye Dr. McKay." Sam spoke sternly trying to stop her whole body from shaking
Frustrated Rodney stepped out and round the corridor. He then slouched against the wall and sighed heavily; he knew it was for the best, he had to move on, and apparently Antarctica was the place to be.


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