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the runaway for notmcshep challenge

Title: the runaway
Author: lil_aber_lisa
Rating: PG
Pairings: Carson/Rodney
Category: AU
Spoliers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the charaters from SGA and nor am I earning any money from them.
Betas: </a></font></strong></a>aleana15
Summary:  Carson and Rodney have a heated discussion which makes carson runaway from atlantis 

Chapter 3


Back at the SGC Major General Landry sat in his office and was becoming increasingly concerned with the situation: a vital member of the Atlantis team running away and another prepared to destroy his career for the sake of the one he apparently loved. Daniel appeared and lent against the doorframe. “What’s McKay done now?”


Major General Landry looked up confused. “And how would you know that it is McKay?” he asked.


“We’ve just had another transmission. Dr. McKay wrecked his room and had to be sedated and secured in the infirmary. However he has recently come down with a fever but he had no symptoms of a virus before this whole thing started.”


“Typical that man doesn’t give up does he?”


“When McKay is determined, he can be a very stubborn man; ask Sam, she’s had more reasons to hit the man than she would care for,” Daniel laughed gently, “but he is a good man in the end and I know he doesn’t mean to hurt people. I see Doctor Beckett is here, may I enquire why?”


“Daniel come in and close the door,” the Major general motioned with his hand. When Daniel had done so he continued, “How long have you known Dr. McKay and Dr. Beckett?”


“Well not much really,” Daniel admitted. “Like I said Sam knows McKay quite well. As for Dr Beckett, I have read some journals of his and he seemed like a nice man in Antarctica. He was rather skittish around the Ancient artefacts and I don’t think he likes the idea of having the gene, whereas McKay wishes his wasn’t synthetic. He gets frustrated that he can’t do as much as the people with the real gene.”


Landry nodded then asked, “Would you see either of them being a hazard to the whole Atlantic mission?”


Without hesitating Daniel shook his head. “Rodney would never do anything that would cause him to leave Atlantis.” He chuckled, “although he wishes the Nobel Prize was his; he is well aware that his work can’t be published, however after the recent transmission I’m not so sure anymore.”

Major General Landry nodded. “I’m unsure of what can be done to rectify this,” he said, “although it may be wise to inform Dr. Beckett of Dr. McKay’s condition. Hopefully he would be willing to either come back or he at least might know of a cure. Daniel I want you to go and visit Dr Beckett.” Daniel nodded and left the office to go and pack.




Carson Beckett listened to the last speaker of the day, which gave him the afternoon to himself. He decided to take a stroll down to the bay in Aberystwyth. The sun was shinning, which gave Carson an excuse to wear his sunglasses, ideal for hiding the emotions the he couldn’t keep from his eyes. He sat on a bench and watched the waves rolling and crashing on the shore; the sounds reminded him of the Atlantean sea and his thoughts fell upon the people of Atlantis. Had the Genii revisited? Or had another wraith attack took place? Had they found a new zpm? Was Rodney alright? He sighed with the thought of Rodney; what had Carson done? Marriage was so serious and yet neither of them had expressed any ideas of it. Carson’s face stiffened at the memory of Rodney’s expression as the words had emptied from Carson’s mouth. Now, despite being so far from its source, pain still shot through him. He shifted about and eventually stood up. He wasn’t sure what it was, but something didn’t feel right… he didn’t feel right.


He continued his walk towards the harbour and then back up the hill to his accommodation. He lay on the bed and napped for a while and memories of Atlantis filled the emptiness he felt. He was beginning to realise what was wrong; Atlantis was his home now and Earth felt so foreign to him. After a while there was a gentle knock on the front door. As he woke wearily he opened the door to see a figure he wasn’t expecting… Daniel Jackson. His heart cracked slightly as somewhere deep inside he realised he had hoped it was Rodney.


“Good evening Dr Beckett.”


Errr Dr. Jackson please come in, and to what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?”


“I think it wise if you sat down for this,” Daniel said gently.


Carson’s face crumpled slightly and as he sat himself down his eyes remained fixed upon Daniel. “What’s happened? It has to be something serious for you to come here in person.” Before Daniel could respond Carson took one breath and began a tirade of questions that his guest couldn’t respond quickly enough.  “Would you like tea or coffee? No of course you wouldn’t, I bet you’re tired form the journey. You don’t have to tell me straight away, you can have a nap of your own… oh god it’s not Rodney is it? He’s done something stupid hasn’t he? He’s not… not dead is he? Please I couldn’t take that… it’d be my fault, I shouldn’t have ran like that. Och what have I done?”


Carson stop!” Daniel stated as his voice rose in volume. Carson became silent and looked apologetically at him.


“Sorry,” he said, “please begin.”


“Thank you. Firstly tea would be quite nice,” Daniel said, trying to break the ice a little. Carson nodded and began making the tea while Daniel continued; “We received a transmission after you left that Dr. McKay, Rodney, was causing a concern and wanted to come and find you. When this request was denied after a conversation with Dr Weir he managed to lose his temper and so he destroyed his room, causing some injury to himself and he had to be sedated.”


Carson handed Daniel his tea quickly before his shaking hand dropped it. “Sedated? Rodney has never needed sedation before. Aye his temper can flare but never to violence.”


“I’m sure that’s the case, although there has been a slight complication.”


“Complication?” Carson sat down heavily on his chair.


“While in a sedated state in the infirmary he has begun to develop a high fever. Dr Jacobs noted the problem and is trying her best.”


“Aye, Dr Jacobs is a good lass.” Realising where this conversation was heading he asked, “So do you, or SG Command, want me to go back and try to work out what it could be?


“In a nutshell,” Daniel replied. “They’re hoping your presence will allow them to stop sedating him.”


Carson was about to argue that his presence may well have the opposite result, but even he knew that was wrong. “Well at least stay the night and we’ll leave in the morning,” Carson said faintly. Daniel nodded his agreement and Carson watched as his eyelids began to droop and he lost his battle to stay awake. Carson, on the other hand, tried to read a few science journals on his computer, although his mind wandered so much that he soon gave that up. Instead he clicked open an unnamed folder that had in it photos of himself and Rodney over the few years they had been together, both careful not to have any classified information in the background. Carson felt a tear run down is face as he continued to scroll through the photos. He wished events had happened differently and that he didn’t have to run away from his problems, but what he truly knew was that Rodney was one event he didn’t want to change.



Chapter 4


Back on Atlantis Rodney’s temperature had risen to 105 and was showing no signs of subsidence. She changed the IV bag again and just watched over Rodney. The restraints were still in place, for every time the sedation had worn off completely Rodney had gone back into a panic and she feared he would do more damage to himself. As Dr Sheila Jacobs was about to leave the monitors began to beep erratically and Rodney started to convulse. The seizure caused his whole body to shudder and the restraints barely held him in place. Sheila managed to call out for assistance and two soldiers help her to keep him still. Rodney’s body slowly stopped convulsing and sweat soaked the bed as if it were a sponge. Dr Jacobs was aware this might have been caused by a hypoglycaemia reaction due to Rodney being in a sedated state but she still wished she had the CMO’s opinion. 


Carson woke suddenly as the plane landed and he called out automatically for Rodney. He glanced next to him to see Daniel Jackson looking concerned for the doctor. “I’m alright thank you,” he reassured him, “I just had a bad feeling that Rodney’s condition had deteriorated, but I couldn’t help.” He shook his head slowly and looked out of the window. “After all this I thought I would want to stay away.”


“Funny what love does to us,” Daniel replied quietly.


When Carson finally arrived at Stargate Command he barely spoke to anyone, even Major General Landry; he waited in the gate room until the gate was dialled and then he gave just a small wave to Daniel as he stepped through the gate. On the other side Elizabeth Weir was waiting and her smile was obviously trying to hide the sadness she was holding back.


“Welcome back Carson, I’m sorry your break wasn’t longer.”


“Aye, I better go see him.” As he went to walk past her, Elizabeth laid a hand on his shoulder.


Carson just be aware you may not like what you will see,” she said quietly. “Rodney has become a threat to himself.” Carson could only nod as he walked quickly on towards the infirmary. He was just outside when he met Sheila Jacobs. He was surprised at how pale her face was. He carried on without a word into the small separated room where he found Rodney restrained. Both his arms and legs were strapped to the each side of the bed and a small tube with a nosepiece hung around just below the nose. Carson stared at the monitors and read the charts; the notes had been thorough.


Carson placed a cool hand below Rodney’s cheek, who whimpered slightly at the touch, but he was still heavily sedated. Carson called into the main infirmary,

“Sheila, stop the sedatives and give him something to reverse it; I think it may have caused him to have that seizure because he isn’t eating. Also a bowl of water and a towel, please. I’m gonna be here a while,” he added quietly.


Carson rolled his sleeves up and began to undress the scientists. He saw beads of sweat clinging to Rodney’s body like morning dew on blades of grass. Quickly Sheila returned with the items Carson had requested and left the two in peace. Carson injected the reversal drug in to the IV bag and hoped it would take effect soon. He began to wash the man’s chest and arms and he smiled as soft noises came from the drowsy scientist.


Rodney’s eyes fluttered open to see a figure bathing him; he whispered, “Hmmm who are you?”


“There Rodney don’t ya worry. It’s just me, Carson.”


Carson? You’re back, you came back for me I… I didn’t mean to scare….”

“Hush Rodney you need to sleep and you need food. I’ll be here in the morning to sort everything out but you still need to get over this fever.”


Carson don’t go,” Rodney pleaded weakly, “I can’t let you go again.” He tried to struggle against the restraints and his eyes bulged when the feeling of being unable to move had registered. “Carson, please, let me out, I need these off.”


“SSShhhhh love, I will, as long as you promise not to hurt yourself?”


“Okay,” Rodney agreed quickly and Carson began to unbuckle the straps. Finally Rodney was free and he held onto Carson’s hand. Carson lowered the sides and climbed on the bed next to him and whispered into his ear; “I love you, but you need to get rid of this fever. Will you do that for me? Fight my love, fight for us. I’m sorry Rodney.”


Carson closed his eyes and slightly snuggled into the scientist though still giving him some distance to fidget. The familiar smell of antiseptic filled his lungs. He looked at Rodney who now seemed to be sleeping peacefully. They still had their problems to overcome but Carson knew somehow that together they could overcome anything, be it marriage, fever or whatever the Pegasus galaxy decided to throw at them. He smiled to himself as he could smell the scent of Amber that Teyla used while meditating above the hospital smells.


He was in fact home at last.


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